Marylon is a very thoughtful, caring, and understanding individual. She makes you feel like you are listed to and understood. I appreciate her.

When I connected with Marylon, I had never had counseling before, I did not know what I needed, or how to express it. I just knew I needed help and someone to talk to. On our first call, I immediately felt comfortable and confident in her ability to really hear me and understand me. After a session with Marylon, I feel much more grounded, relaxed, and empowered in my next steps. I'm so thankful to have her in my life! She has brought tremendous comfort, support, and guidance to my health journey. Coming from her background in nursing and grief counseling, she intimately acquainted with work stress, health stress, trauma, and processing loss. If you want a counselor who sincerely cares about her clients Marylon is the way to go!

Marylon is very understanding and compassionate. She has a lot of knowledge and provided her expert insights as suggestions/solutions to the areas that I can improve on life for wellbeing. I definitely feel like I am learning so much and I can already feel the difference in my mindset and perspective with her guidance and support. I'm so glad we crossed paths and connected. Marylon, thank you so much for all your help.

She is wonderful and has helped me so much!

I have been counseling sessions with Marylon for the past 10 weeks and have really felt heard and supported through this process. She makes you feel comfortable and understood when sharing thoughts/struggles, and works with you, and guides you to find solutions and a way to feel better.  I have really appreciated the methods and worksheet tools she has presented to me in order to help me move forward from past issues and hurt. Thank you for your understanding and support


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